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JR the Fire Dog

Hi Folks,

My dad asked me to take over the blog today since he’s busy fighting all these fires in Southern California. My name is RJ Junior. But my nickname is JR.

My mom and dad and I are Dalmatians on a mission. My father works at a fire station in Los Angeles and I have aunts and uncles working in fire stations across the country. Our family’s job is to educate folks about fire life safety and disaster preparedness. So my mom and I do what we can to help get the word out.

Our namesake is a corporation called RJWestmore, Inc. They provide online, building specific e-training, which, I’m told, is the best way for people to learn about life safety procedures and emergency evacuations preparedness. It’s the kind of training that helps you learn what to do if you’re in a high-rise building when a fire breaks out, or an earthquake hits, or when other natural or manmade disasters occur.

I’m still in school. So I don’t get to help my dad at work very often. But I know that he says that the RJWestmore, Inc. training system is the most popular and widely used online training system in the whole country.

He says people love it because its helps them limit their liability, protect their assets and save lives. He says it does all this and saves them lots to time and money too. I am not sure what that all means. But I know that everyone wants to save time and money and, most importantly, SAVE LIVES!

As a student, I can appreciate anything that isn’t boring, long and dry. I wish my own teachers would start teaching us with that kind of a system.

One of the ways that RJWestmore, Inc. is helping to educate people is by participating in the upcoming Great California ShakeOut on October 15, 2009. Dogs have a sixth sense when it comes to earthquakes. So we know when to drop, cover and hold on. But people aren’t always prepared.

If you want some great tips for earthquake preparation and survival, you should take the Earthquake training on your RJWestmore Online Training System and check out the Great California ShakeOut website. They have quizzes and suggestions for dealing with earthquakes. And I hope you’ll plan to participate in the ShakeOut, too.

But whatever you do, BE SAFE.



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