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Swine Flu Facts

Hey, Everyone! SwineFluWash

While a quick Google search reveals that dogs cannot contract swine flu, that doesn’t diminish my concern for all of my human buddies who do not enjoy canine immunity. Since everyone, including my son, JR, is going back to school this month, there’s more of a chance for the virus to spread.

There is lots of panic surrounding the H1N1 virus. But it’s important to note that the swine flu is not always deadly. In fact, out of 8,843 reported cases of swine flu, only 6.28% were fatal. This, of course, is a considerably larger percentage than deaths associated with the seasonal flu, which has a mortality rate of only 0.12%. So that’s why preparedness is so important.

Our friends at RJWestmore, Inc., the most widely used online safety training system in the country, have just started a series of blogs that explain how to guard against spreading germs that can be especially dangerous to folks who have weak immune systems.

Down at the fire station, we are very liberal with the use of antiseptic, soap and hand sanitizer. Taking these simple precautions drastically reduces the quantity of germs that are passed from firefighter to firefighter. Fortunately, a vaccine is coming out soon. So, eventually, you humans will be as impervious to H1N1 as dogs are! Until then, remember to stay healthy by making small changes such as:

  • Don’t spend lots of time in crowded areas.
  • Limit international travel.
  • Try to stay indoors as much as possible.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • When soap and hot water are not available, use hand sanitizer.
  • If you think you’re coming down with something, stay home. Many organizations allow employees to work from home, so productivity is not lost. Check to see if this option is available at your workplace.

For more, detailed information about the Swine Flu, check out the special Swine Flu Series at RJWestmore, Inc. Following these precautions will help you to BE SAFE!


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