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RJ’s Tips for a Safe and Sane Halloween

Two "Autumn" Baby Puppies Sitting Inside Orange Wooden Basket
Some Pups Love Halloween

Halloween is almost here. As a dog, and an adult, I don’t always appreciate the holiday as much as I did when I was a puppy. But JR is more excited than ever! And since the holiday is important to him, it’s my job to make sure he’s just as safe on October 31st as he is every other day of the year.

As JR readies his Halloween costume, my firefighter buddies and I are preparing a list of safe alternatives to the sometimes-dangerous old trick-or-treating routine.

Here are our ideas:

  • Check with local community centers, shopping malls and churches to see if they sponsor organized festivities.
  • Look for special events or start a holiday tradition in your own neighborhood.
  • Pay it forward by arranging a visit to a retirement home or senior citizen center.
  • Rent scary movies and invite family or friends to spend the evening at home with you.

In my opinion, the most dangerous part of Halloween is avoiding werewolves, vampires and any other creepy crawlies that may be roaming around on October 31. Fortunately, I have compiled a list to help you deal with unfriendly encounters.

  • Remember to keep a little bit of garlic around to deter the vampires.
  • In some cases, an object that is made of silver may save you from a werewolf attack.
  • And don’t forget, you may want to keep a water bottle with you, just in case you come across a witch you want to melt.

If your kids insist on Trick-or-Treating review the RJ Westmore, Inc. Top 20 Tips for a Safe & Sane Halloween.

Since Halloween only comes once a year, it should be enjoyable for you and your pups. For more safety suggestions to ensure your entertainment and safety, visit RJWestmore Inc. And no matter whether you celebrate Halloween or not, please remember to BE SAFE.


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