Posted by: RJ the Fire Dog Blogger | November 16, 2009

Fire Safety from the Feds


Fire Safety is for Everyone

Since Europe, North America and areas of the Asian/Pacific region have adopted new fire safety practices, they have reduced their fire-related fatalities by up to 50%. The United States is following suit by having the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) conduct research on new fire prevention and fire safety techniques.

Researchers have examined the benefits of improvements made by other countries, and insist that adopting some, if not all, of these safety methods can save the lives of citizens and fire-safety personnel (like me!)

Since I’m a firedog, this is of particular interest to me. Who would have guessed so many injuries and deaths could have been prevented by resisting the temptation to take the battery out of the smoke-detector to put it into the television remote control? Or that beating the screeching smoke alarm to death with a broom, after making a particularly smoky batch of cookies, could actually end up putting you and your family in danger?

Some of the firefighters down at the station have been making house calls, and talking to people about how important it is to be prepared for fire. If you do simple things like creating a fire-escape plan, you can greatly increase your chances for successfully exiting a burning house.

Of course, no one likes to consider that their own home might ever catch on fire. But it’s important to have a basic knowledge of fire-safety, just in case.

Nations across the globe that have adopted these fire prevention techniques emphasize the significance of maintaining a working fire alarm. Though not all families have the money to pay for a fire alarm, and while some might not be able to figure out how to install one, most communities have programs that will cover fire alarm installation for those who live in high-risk areas. If you live in one of these areas or think that you might, all you have to do is call your local fire station, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.  To see the entire list of fire safety instructions, visit the RJ Westmore Inc. website.  And don’t forget to have a great week, and to BE SAFE!



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