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Emergency Preparedness Gifts for the Holidays

Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Searching for holiday’s gifts can be a chore. I’m easy. Give me a rawhide bone and maybe a new coat of paint on the doghouse and I’m happy. For other people, it’s hard to find gifts that are actually useful.

What about giving a gift that is both practical and potentially life-saving? I’m talking about emergency preparedness! The best result of giving such a gift is that it gets recipients to consider whether they are prepared for emergencies. Maybe your gift will encourage someone to write down a complete emergency plan with exit routes, meeting locations, and a written inventory of supplies and equipment.

“Disasters can happen anytime, anywhere and the holiday season provides a great opportunity to ensure that you and your loved ones are taking simple steps to be prepared,” said FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate.” Our friends at FEMA put together a list of great gifts for the holidays, and we took a closer look at a few of them.

For all of these gifts, consider buying a high-quality item that will last a long time. There’s nothing worse than finding a defective piece of equipment during a real emergency. So be sure your gifts come from reputable companies.

Flashlights and lamps:

  • Essential for all emergencies, battery-powered flashlights and lamps allow you navigate nighttime emergencies, safely
  • Great for signaling rescuers

Disaster kit:

  • Every complete disaster kit requires a First Aid Kit that comes with an injury manual that shows you how to use the supplies
  • Other important items include Thermal Blankets and specially-packaged water and food

Fire extinguishers:

  • A quality fire extinguisher can save lives and homes
  • Even if your gift recipient has extinguishers, they might be very old and expired (extinguishers are no good if they don’t work when you need them!)
  • Read about the different types of extinguishers before purchasing

Other gifts mentioned on FEMA’s list include NOAA weather radios, foldable ladders, enrollment into a CPR class, smoke detectors, and car emergency kits.

With all of these gifts, I’m sure all of your recipients will appreciate them because they show you really care! And that’s what the holidays are all about! BE SAFE.


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