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Terrorist Surveillance

Is your building prepared for every potential threat?

Hey, Folks! After the recent attempted bombing on Times Square, it has come to my attention that we all could benefit from a little terrorist prevention and surveillance. If we are all a little more aware, and observant of what is going on around us, we can hopefully continue to prevent things like this!

It’s not that hard to be observant. Things that are suspicious usually look suspicious. Maybe it just comes easy to me, what with my sixth sense and all, but perhaps a few bullet points, identifying different terrorist groups and their motives, could help those of you without my keen sense of smell, and remarkable intuition.

There are two major groups of terrorists:


  • This group was responsible for the Oklahoma City Bombing, which was the largest attack on US soil, prior to 9/11
  • This group consists of disgruntled people from America who have problems with other people from the same country, whether for political, racial or religious reasons


  • Al Qaeda is currently one of the most well-known international terrorist groups in the world, and possibly poses the biggest threat to the United States.
  • This particular group seeks to spread religious and political views through massive attacks which warrant international media coverage.

Of course, not many people can pick a domestic, or even an international terrorist out of a group. Sometimes even we dogs can’t do that. But becoming aware that they’re out there, and knowing what their motives are, is a step in the right direction.

Another wise step in terrorist prevention and identification is establishing relationships with the FBI, or at least the local police or fire department. As a firedog, I can assure you that we would be more than happy to assist your business in making sure your surveillance equipment is working, and double-checking to make sure that your building is sufficiently equipped to handle any potential threats.

It might also be wise to enroll your employees in disaster training, because not all attacks or disasters can be anticipated or prevented. Next week we’ll try to go over some specific ways to detect and deter terrorist attacks.

Until then, check out RJ Westmore, Inc. for the latest in emergency management training, and remember to always BE SAFE!


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