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‘Tis the Season – For Safety

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Safety from A-Z

Holiday Safety Tips from A-Z

You know the story. Every year, beginning in mid-November, the local news starts discussing the dangers posed by Christmas trees and other holiday hazards. Or they pop the cautionary tale “Christmas Vacation,” into the DVD player and watch that wild dog chase the squirrel through the tree, over the table, and through all the presents!

Let us take the opportunity to go beyond their typical tip of the day to give you an A to Z guide in order to ensure you and your family, friends and business associates are safe during the holidays.

Always remember to turn off the Christmas tree lights!

Be careful when walking to your car…especially if you are carrying holiday gifts, or 40 pounds of avocado-enhanced dog food on an icy sidewalk.

Call ahead to find out how crowded the streets near shopping centers are, to avoid encountering crazy drivers in holiday traffic

Drag your tree to the curb, or, better yet…check into tree recycling programs so you won’t create a dried-out fire hazard. Or, for another option, if you have a Labrador, try this: they love sticks! So why not chop up the tree and let em’ go crazy. But I can’t guarantee they won’t end up with splinter-covered tongues.

Extinguishers are vital to deal with fires! Make sure yours aren’t past their prime and that you are properly trained to use one.

Fire and emergency exit codes are important considerations when you host parties. So don’t invite 70 people to your studio apartment. Although, let’s do some math. 70 people multiplied by 1.8 pounds of rich food per person times 5 percent rate of food falling on the floor, equals 6.3 pounds of vittles for me and my canine friends.

Get involved with Fire Prevention Week every year.

Happy Holidays from RJ Westmore!

Immune Systems are taxed by too many activities. Get some rest so you will stay healthy.

Juices from uncooked foods can be contaminated. Keep a clean kitchen for happy and healthy guests.

Kitchen fires are prevalent during the holidays… the source of 40% of all house fires.

Lights on the tree should be checked for cracked wires. Also, connect no more than three strands together.

Make me a sandwich. Don’t be stingy on the salami.

New toys should be carefully checked for safety and age-appropriateness.

Overloading electrical circuits can spark fires. Do your Christmas lights have to be visible from space?

Power lines should be avoided when hanging outdoor lights. Also, for outdoor light safety, use a fiberglass or wooded ladder. I’m glad we aren’t too good on ladders. You should see what you people look like up there.

Quit smoking for your own health and to reduce the risk of fire.

Remove lights or electrical decorations when they flicker or show other signs of wear.

Smokers should stay outside in designated areas. (See Q for another smoking-safety tip.)

Test smoke alarms.

Unplug Christmas lights when you are changing broken bulbs.

Viruses like the common cold love holiday’s parties! Consider distributing hand sanitizer as a party favor. Or a chicken leg…whichever you prefer.

Walk your dog four times a day. A good brisk 4-5 mile walk helps keep your pooch trim and happy! You can’t walk a marathon every day? I can do one in an hour!

Xeriscaping your yard this winter can help lower your risk for fire next summer.

Your business needs an evacuation plan, especially if you will be hosting a massive holiday party.

Zero water means a dry tree. Don’t be stingy with the H2O.

Remember, you can have fun and be safe at the same time! Follow holidays safety tips to ensure your family and coworkers have a fun and safe holiday’s season! And whatever you do, don’t take a family holiday’s photo and dress up Baxter in a Santa suit. I’m sure that is tantamount to animal cruelty!

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RJ the Fire Dog is the mascot for Allied Universal, the premiere provider for e-based fire life safety training for residents and workers in high-rise buildings. His young son, JR, sometimes takes over writing his posts. RJ also maintains an active Twitter account, which he posts to when he isn’t working in the firehouse. The Allied Universal Fire Life Safety Training System helps commercial buildings with compliance to fire life safety codes. Our interactive, building-specific e-learning training system motivates and rewards tenants instantly! It’s a convenient and affordable solution to all of the training needs of your building(s). Choosing our service cuts property management training related workloads by 90% and saves you over 50%

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