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RJWestmore Training System Legacy to Continue after Unexpected Passing of CEO

Robert James Westmore, founder and CEO of RJWestmore, Inc.,who made a career out of providing safety and security solutions to commercial real estate owners, managers and tenants, died on August 9, 2012 after suffering cardiac arrest. He was 56.

For over 20 years, Bob, as he was commonly known, was a significant figure in the development of national standards for fire safety, embracing and carrying out the mission to save lives through his e-based training, with the motto: “Be Safe!” Under his direction, the RJWestmore Training System has become the most successful online fire life safety training system in the country, providing service to more than 400 million square feet of commercial real estate and Fortune 500 clients across the United States.

Without skipping a beat, RJWestmore Training System users will continue to enjoy the same great service and training they have come to count on through the RJW system.

“Bob was committed to disaster preparedness and recovery and emergency management training. And, as a tribute to him, we will continue to carry out the cause he held so dear to his heart,” says Kimber Westmore, his wife and RJW administrator.

A firm believer that all high-rise occupants should have the ability to be trained anytime, at their convenience, as often as they want to learn, Bob created a safer, more informed system to train occupants so they would understand their responsibilities and may be capable of helping others.

Bob was an active member of numerous professional organizations and had extensive professional training including BOMA Los Angeles-Safety & Security Committee International, LAPD-Specialist Reserve Police Officer/Archangel Anti-terrorism/LEAPS Conference Treasurer, and FBI-CA3 graduate, InfraGard Member, Family Safety Squad Instructor, LAFD-CERT Certified and Online Training/Education Consultant, FEMA-ICS 100 and Active Shooter certified, NFPA-National Fire Protection Association Education Section Member, CAL-OSHA/NIOSH-Protection of High Risk Building Certification, NASP-National Association of Safety Professionals and the U.S. Green Building Council.

More than just a successful businessman, Bob was a devoted husband, father, son, brother and friend, whose legacy extends far beyond the work he did through RJWestmore, Inc. In lieu of flowers, the family is asking that donations be made to Living Water International, which helps communities acquire desperately needed clean water and to experience the “living water.” The family hopes to fund a new well for a village or school in Bob’s name.


RJ the Fire Dog is the mascot for Allied Universal, the premiere provider for e-based fire life safety training for residents and workers in high-rise buildings. His young son, JR, sometimes takes over writing his posts. RJ also maintains an active Twitter account, which he posts to when he isn’t working in the firehouse. The Allied Universal Fire Life Safety Training System helps commercial buildings with compliance to fire life safety codes. Our interactive, building-specific e-learning training system motivates and rewards tenants instantly! It’s a convenient and affordable solution to all of the training needs of your building(s). Choosing our service cuts property management training related workloads by 90% and saves you over 50%