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Security Guard Appreciation

Security Officer Appreciation
This week, as we remember our emergency first responders who lost their lives in the 9/11 tragedy, we ramp up to honor some additional unsung heroes — security professionals. Don’t forget about guard dogs!

Security officers, who strive to help maintain safe and secure workplaces, schools, shopping malls and communities, deserve heartfelt appreciation. Hard-working, highly trained men and women, security officers are counted among our country’s first responders. These individuals deter crime, lead evacuations, provide information, work closely with local law enforcement and are constantly vigilant in their efforts to keep us safe. 

Security Guard RecognitionTo recognize these heroes, Allied Universal began celebrating National Security Officer Appreciation Week in 2015. Celebrated the third week in September, the annual campaign provides an incredible opportunity to thank and recognize security officers’ contributions to personal and professional safety. This year’s observance will run from September 16-22, 2018.Security Officer Appreciate

The great work security officers and their canine companions do across the country is often taken for granted because people have come to expect security presence. But these professionals are much more than part of the backdrop of our communities and workplaces. While the specific details of each security officer’s duties differ by employer as well as location, here are some of the roles security professionals perform in addition to basic patrols to serve and care for our communities:

  • Dispatcher—Monitors premises via video surveillance systems to guard against suspicious activity, loitering, vandalism and other issues that might impact a property.
  • Lobby Ambassador—Builds relationships and welcomes staff and tenants by name, offering a personalized level of service. Promotes a safe and inviting environment and visitor experience through patrols, with courteous interactions and customer service.
    Lobby Safety Security Guard
  • Safety Officer—Observes and reports property incidents and hazards that could potentially cause injuries.
  • Risk Mitigator—Monitors and secures access points, manages after-hours entries and responds to alarms.
  • First Responder—Saves lives by delivering first aid, CPR and emergency medical services. Also summon medical aid or law enforcement agencies, when needed.
  • K-9 Security Officer—Works alongside a companion canine, which provides general patrols, deters crime, controls crowds and detects explosives and illegal substances.K-9 Guard

From the little things, likehelping to locate a lost vehicle in a parking lot or opening a door to welcome you, to bigger duties – like putting themselves in harm’s way to guarantee our safety or avert emergencies – security officers deserve our recognition.

Here are a few ways you can celebrate this noteworthy event:

  • Recognize security officer contributions through an appreciation meeting or reception.
  • Profile the many roles security officers fill.
  • Debunk misconceptions and stereotypes.
  • Raise awareness for security-related career opportunities
  • Buy your security officers lunch or coffee.
  • Write an email or letter to thank your security team.
  • Visit your security officers – shake their hands, say thank you and ask how they are doing.
  • Encourage your staff to also say, “Thank you.”
  • Include your security officers in ongoing recognition ceremonies.
  • Give your guard dog a slab of bacon or a bone.

Security Officer CelebrationJoin us in celebrating the fourth annual National Security Officer Appreciation Week, September 16 – 22, 2018. Click here to add your message of thanks, and see what others have expressed at #ThankYouSecurity.

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